Specializing in the use of India’s heritage raw materials, Opyra International offers a range of goat, sheep, and bovine based leathers that are used in the footwear, apparel, gloving, leather goods, automotive, and furniture industries.

With each category of leather being managed and produced by a dedicated team of industry professionals, at Opyra International we are uniquely placed to be able to fulfill all our customers’ leather requirements. As a consequence, we are privileged to include many leading global brands among our customers. Whether you are driving your car, slipping on your shoes and leather jacket to take the dog for a walk, or simply relaxing in your favorite arm chair, you could be one of our many satisfied customers.

Beyond products, Opyra International’s finished leather division is a leader in environmental and social compliance within both the Indian and global leather industries. Through a strict application of the latest technologies and environmental management practices, we ensure that all our leathers are in compliance with the strict technical and quality standards expected by today’s quality-conscious and socially responsible consumer.